BGT Developments was cofounded by Brian Gillett & Joe Taliano.

    Brian & Joe share a passion for developing and building sustainable residential communities and have been featured in prominent publications for their real estate and business success such as Australian Property Investor magazines, The West Australian, WA Business News, 40 under 40 business people in WA and many more. Their passion and friendship have brought them together to create BGT Developments. BGT Developments has a heavy focus on subdivisions of land and medium density developments. This is more driven by the buyer demand that invest in the final product. However, BGT will look at any opportunity where justifiable demand exists for the end product.


















    Whilst every development is different, BGT have a track record of maximising the value within the asset to ensure you realize the highest possible sum for your property.


    Brian Gillett and Joe Taliano, pride themselves on being "hands on" in the development life cycle. Our experience has shown us that property owners feel more comfortable with this approach to business as it provides them with visibility throughout the complete process. Developing land is often more than a simple transaction. There is an initial feasibility conducted followed by an in depth due diligence. When developments are undertaken the numbers are the most important part. This ensures you get the money promised for your property and that the developer remains in business. Each property will present new challenges. These are often overcome through a close working relationship between the property owner and the property developer. Again, this reflects the importance of dealing directly with the developer and not a sales person. Above all this, BGT takes your personal circumstances into consideration in every transaction. This is one of our KEY points of difference and the reason why we are known for creating win wins. Let us surprise you by telling us about your property and what would suit your circumstances. So why not have a chat to us today and see how we can directly assist you in achieving your own personal goals.




    The BGT group is committed to a set of fundamental values such as trust, respect, integrity and achievement.

    Brian and Joe work hard and are very hands on with all interactions, they remain integral in the business negotiations and work hard to ensure they continue to find win win’s in all transactions. It is their commitment to their fundamental values that has recognized BGT to be synonymous with trust, initiative and confidence.